The Contract Management plugin is activated by default and has a UI action called Submit for Preview. Enabling the GRC Profiles plugin will create another UI Action with same action name "submit_for_review".

Because both actions have the same name, when Submit For Review is clicked on the ast_contract page, the contract list page displays the error "Action not authorized".

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the GRC: Risk Management plugin, which will activate the GRC Profiles plugin.

  2. Navigate to Contracts > Purchasing Agreements.

  3. Click New and fill in all mandatory fields.

  4. Click the Submit For Review button.

    Note that the contract is not created and the prompt "Action not authorized" is displayed.




UI actions on an instance should be unique. Rename the action name on the sn_compliance_control table for the Submit for Review UI action.

For more information see the Community post Action not authorized on contract page.


Related Problem: PRB711899

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 1
Helsinki Patch 3

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