Setting the term config table property to glide.db.query.term.table_limit to 0 results in cache thrashing on sys_term_table_cache and very high flush count. When this property is set to zero, the related property, glide.cache.size.sys_term_table_cache, is created with a value of 0 during the upgrade to Kingston. When the sys_term_table_cache value is set to 0, the instance may experience significant performance degradation.



Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set the system property glide.db.query.term.table_limit to 0.

  2. Restart the instance node.

    A static initializer then set the cache size.

  3. Issue any arbitrary updates, for example, against an incident.

  4. Look at / for the entry for sys_term_table_cache.

    Note that entries are always 0 and the flush count climbs with every update. Periodic refreshes of / on a busy instance likely shows threads on com.glide.db.query_rewrite.term.TermTableStorage.get(



The effect of the workaround will depend on when it is applied.

  • If applied before upgrading to Kingston, the script will take two actions. Neither of these will have any effect before the instance is on Kingston.

    1. Disable term optimization.
    2. Set the Term Optimization cache value to 1, ensuring it is sized correctly after upgrade.
  • If applied during the upgrade to Kingston, the script will prevent the upgrade delay experienced by some customers. If you do not experience an improvement in performance, please contact ServiceNow Customer Support.

  • If applied after the upgrade to Kingston, the script will apply the appropriate fix, depending on the instance version.

The following script is intended to be executed via Scripts - Background (/

  (function() {
    var term_limit_property = 'glide.db.query.term.table_limit';
    var table_cache_property = 'glide.cache.size.sys_term_table_cache';
    var version = gs.getProperty('glide.war');

    var results = {
      'table_limit_before': gs.getProperty(term_limit_property, ''),
      'table_cache_before': gs.getProperty(table_cache_property, ''),

    // Determine Kingston patch.
    var test_patch = function(war) {
      var patchNumber = 0;
      var patchIndex = war.indexOf("patch");
      if (patchIndex > 0) {
        var patch = war.substring(patchIndex, patchIndex + 6); // eg patch5
        patchNumber = patch.substring(5); // eg 5
      if (patchNumber < 5)
        return true;
        return false;

    // Execute the fix for PRB1267268
    if (results.table_limit_before != 0) {
      if (version.indexOf('kingston') > 0) {

        // if before Kingston Patch 5 (or on Kingston but not a patch), then execute stopOptimizing
        if (test_patch(version)) {
          var gr = new GlideRecord('sys_term_config');
          results.term_config_count = gr.getRowCount();
          while ( {
            results.stopOptimizing = true;
            new SNC.GlideTermTableAPI().stopOptimizing(gr);

      // if pre-Kingston, create the property and set it to '0'
      else if (version.indexOf('kingston') == -1) {
        gs.setProperty(term_limit_property, 0);
        results.table_limit_after = 0

      // did not run either audit operation
      else {
        results.error = 'Not able apply fix for PRB1267268';

    // Execute the fix for PRB1282065
    if (results.table_cache_before == 0 || !results.table_cache_before) {
      gs.setProperty(table_cache_property, 1);
      results.table_cache_after = 1;

    gs.print(new JSON().encode(results));



Related Problem: PRB1282065

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Kingston Patch 7

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