Two RITMs are created from a single scheduled job, when only one RITM is expected to be created.


Jakarta Patch 6a


Our customer has multiple scheduled jobs running at the same time.


It was noticed that our customer had multiple scheduled jobs running at 2:00 am which are assigned to the same user ("Abel Tuter"). The Script is creating a cart for the user, adding the item into the cart, and then ordering.

We see several cases in the parent Requests where the system is getting confused and is adding both items to one cart creating one Request, and then another cart is created for the other item, and both items are again added to the cart.

To resolve this issue with these schedules jobs (or any) where the customer is seeing duplicates like this, please put 15 or so minutes between the scheduled jobs to separate out the transactions as they happen.

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Last Updated:2018-08-17 10:12:44