When going to Cloud Account > Datacenter > Discovery Now, immediately, client side is filled with the following errors:

"Method returned an object of type sys_script_68e502fa0a0a0aa9001fdd4619ef53b5_12 which is not allowed in scope sn_cmp"


Jakarta and newer


The 'sys_script' record points to the 'getNextObjNumberPadded' Business Rule. In older versions, this business rule was not accessible from the 'All Application Scope'. Some of the Cloud tables have a numbering column which uses the business rule to to get the next number in the sequence. Newer versions of this business rule has 'Accessible from' field set to 'All application scopes'. If this business rule is not upgraded properly (ie, the business rule was customized), the Cloud applications in the 'Cloud Management Application' scope cannot access the business rule, resulting in the errors on the client side.


  • Go to the affected business rule: getNextObjNumberPadded
  • Under the 'Versions' related list, right click the latest entry for the current instance and select 'Revert to this version'
  • This will update the business rule to the latest base version, making it compatible with Cloud Management Application

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:50:24