• When going to Cloud Account > Datacenters > Discover Now, discovery failed. Discovery Log shows: ITapp Azure Compute Manger.List resource groups -- Error
  • When goto Cloud API > Cloud API Trail, ListResourceGroups call is actually successful and returned data.

Release or Environment

Jakarta and newer


  • The error can be resulted from variety of issues. When data is returned, it indicates issue with processing the data from cloud provider.
  • For this particular issue, root cause was due to the out of the box relationship type 'Contains::Contained By' was missing (sysid = 55c95bf6c0a8010e0118ec7056ebc54d). This resulted in Metadata Containment broken, ie, containment records referencing non-existing Relationship Type records.
  • Because of broken Metadata Containment rules, this caused Cloud CI reconciliation error resulting in failed discovery


If Discovery has been running, a new 'Contains::Contained By' relationship type should have been recreated. If not create a new relationship type with same name then do the following:

  1. Goto CMDB Metadata Containment Rules table list (recordscmdb_metadata_containment_list.do)
  2. Find all records that references old 'Contains::Contained By' (cmdb_metadata_containment_list.do?sysparm_query=rel_type.sys_id%3D55c95bf6c0a8010e0118ec7056ebc54d)
  3. Update all and change 'Relation Type' field for these records to point to the new 'Contains::Contained By' relationship type that was recreated either by Discovery or manually.

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Last Updated:2020-07-16 09:22:00