For a frequently accessed page such as a Chat queue, you might need to generate a short/tiny URL that is user friendly.

The normal convention, for example, of a Chat queue URL is as follows:


This article shows how to set up a shorter, more user-friendly URL:




  1. Retrieve the queue ID.

    1. Navigate to Connect > Support Administration > Queues.

    2. Open the Queue for which you want to make a shortcut.

    3. Capture the Support Link, for example, $

  2. Create a System Processor.

    1. Navigate to System Definition > Processors.

    2. Click New and create a system processor with the following values:

      • Name: any name

      • Type: Select script

      • Path: Enter a single word for what will appear after your instance name, for example, spchat. (Note that words like sp/chat are not valid for this field.)

      • Script: Enter the following code (substituting the queue ID for the one captured in the previous steps)

        (function process(g_request, g_response, g_processor) {


        })(g_request, g_response, g_processor);
    3. Click Submit.
  3. Log out of the instance and open a new browser window.

  4. Enter the URL to the instance and the path defined in the newly created system processor, that is, https://<instance-name>

  5. When prompted, enter credentials for a valid user.

Processor screenshot (example)


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