We are unable to select groups other than "My groups" and even that is not showing us data. Getting error "No resource plan is associated with this entity". 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Resource Reports,
  2. Choose a Report, Choose Groups as Entity Type
  3. Next on Groups selection, Unable to choose anything other than My groups. Choose other standard values.
  4. Error with running the report. 

"No resource plan is associated with this entity", No other resource groups are showing up.


pps_resource role is missing from all resource groups


The reason this is happening is a Resource Report Groups is controlled by the roles that are on the Groups which means the users assigned to these groups need the pps_resource role. 

OOB, choosing My groups does not work too and gives the same error,The script that populates these choices it does not contain the pps_resource role. 
The PPS Resource [pps_resource] role is introduced to differentiate PPS users from all other users in the system. Only users with the PPS Resource role are considered for resource planning, and only users or groups with the PPS Resource role appear in resource plans. By default, the PPS Resource role is added to the Project User [project_user] and Demand User [demand_user] roles. 

None of the groups in resource groups have this role, it is needed to create a Resource Plan of Group Resource. 

Adding Project User or Demand User Roles to the Users or Groups should solve the issue. 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:12:33