The SerivceNow clone process does not include the text index data and after each clone a regenerate text index process is executed on the target instance (Post-clone cleanup scripts).This is done post clone and the instance is available but there may not be searchable text data for hours to days for some customers until the regenerate text index process as completed.
This can be made better by setting/creating two properties in the target instance and add these properties data preservation on that target instances to preserve this property
Making these changes can reduce the regenerate text index process by 10% to 30%.

Steps to Implement

  1. In the target instance, update or add these two properties.
Name: glide.ts.index.parallelism | Type: integer | Value: 12
Name: glide.ts.nibble_pause | Type: integer | Value: 5000 
  1. Add these properties data preservation on that target instances
Create a data preserver

Additional Information

Warning: Setting the property glide.ts.index.parallelism over 12 has lead to memory issues, this property should not be change from the default 8 in a production instance.

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Last Updated:2019-01-30 14:08:26