Scrollbars do not appear on the scorecard's Records tab when glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout is set to false.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Add the glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout system property, and set the value to false.

  2. Run the [PA Incident] Historic Data Collection job.

  3. Open the Incident Management PA dashboard.

  4. On the Incident Overview tab, open a detailed scorecard by clicking the chart of the Open Incidents widget.

  5. Click on a point with a high enough number (20+) of incidents in order to eventually bring up a record list that will require scrolling.

  6. Click the Records tab.

    No horizontal/vertical scrollbars are displayed for the record list. Note that there is a separate vertical scrollbar, but it is for the container of the scorecard, and it will not allow you to scroll down the list entirely.




  1. Change the glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout property to true.

  2. Click the context menu (hamburger icon), choose Show, and set the number of records to 10.

  3. Zoom in the browser to see all the records.

    For example, in Chrome, click Command -.



Related Problem: PRB1246261

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 4

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