Since upgrading to Kingston, notifications in the HR Core scoped application are not showing up in My Notification Preferences for user who do not have admin access. 

After debugging the ACLs, it looks like the sysevent_email_action read ACL is not executing against the notifications within the HR Core scoped application for non-admin users.
Steps to reproduce:
- Changed your Application from Global to a different scoped app e.g. Human Resources : Core.
- Create a notification in the sysevent_email_action table in your scoped app and not the Global app.
- Impersonate a non-admin user and go to the system gear icon on the top right.
- Go to Notifications (If in Kingston, it will show notifications in that frame otherwise you will need to go to Notification Preferences under Self-Service in previous releases) and look for the notification which was created.
- Observe that you are not able to see the notification which was created in the scoped app.

Admin user:


Non admin user:




The read ACL for sysevent_email_action is not being evaluated in the scoped application as the notification exists only in the scoped app but the ACL exists in the Global app. The OOB read ACL --> /


To resolve this issue, please create/insert the same ACL in your scoped application in order for the notification to show in the scoped app for non-admins 

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:41:52