The glide.discovery.shazzam_ranges_json system property in the London release converts Shazzam payloads into JSON strings, which dramatically reduces their size. When enabled, this property prevents nodes from running out of memory when a single schedule discovers large numbers of IP ranges. In upgraded instances, starting prior to the versions below, this property is set to false and is not visible in the sys_properties table:

  • London
  • Kingston Patch 6
  • Jakarta Patch 9

To enable JSON coding for Shazzam payloads in an upgraded instance, import the update set attached to this article. The update set configures the following:

  • Adds the glide.discovery.shazzam_ranges_json property to the sys_properties table.
  • Sets the property value to true.
  • Exposes the property in the Discovery Definition > Properties module.

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Last Updated:2018-11-02 13:07:03
Use JSON for Shazzam.xml