If a record in a list view of a table is right-clicked, a context menu item named "Add to Visual Task Board" show up as shown in the below screenshot:

If this is selected, it generates a pop-up where it asks for which Visual Task Board (VTB), you want to add the record for. However, there are cases when this pop-up generates "Page not found" error as shown below:


Any supported release.




- "Add to Visual Task Board" here is a UI action which is visible only in context menu as "List Context Menu" checkbox is set to true (and "List v2 Compatible" to true).

- If you open this UI action, the script is responsible for generating the pop-up, a.k.a, iframe with the mentioned URL.

- Out-of-the-box, at line 7 the iframe URL is defined:

iframe : "$" + taskSysID + "&sysparm_table_name=" + tableName + "&sysparm_nostack"

- If the above URL misses the "$" sign and if it's written as, you will get "Page not found" error as depicted in the above screenshot:

iframe : "" + taskSysID + "&sysparm_table_name=" + tableName + "&sysparm_nostack"

- The reason being that VTBs are purely angular-powered and adding a dollar sign in the URL makes the $scope object capture the whole page as a unit unlike non-dollar sign URLs.


- The UI action if it's customized should be thoroughly reviewed and above information shall be considered for this weird behavior.

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Please refer to our product documentation for more details on Visual Task Boards (Kingston): Visual Task Boards

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