After an instance has been renamed, the email notifications and links could still reflect the old server name and old server URL. Keeping the old glide.servlet.uri and values can cause incorrect URLs to be generated on notifications and scripts.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Issue an instance rename request.
  2. After the rename is done, check the values for glide.servlet.uri and are not updated automatically. E.g. in a background script execute:
  3. Notice it will show the old server name.


Check there are no records in the sys_properties table with the property name glide.servlet.uri or If they do not exist, restart the instance. 

If the record glide.servlet.uri exists, clear the value and restart the instance.

If the record for exists, correct it to the appropriate value.

It's important to remember to use the property to specify the URL used in notifications. Do not use the glide.servlet.uri property, as this is updated automatically by the system, so its value could be overwritten.

Related Problem: PRB597633

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Helsinki Patch 1

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