Multiple Assets are getting created at the same time by the same user, although the user is sure they never did this.


  • The assets are generated when a user creates a Model or changes a Model Category in an existing Model.
  • This action triggered the 'Sync model category' Business Rule which looks up all CIs, corresponding to the Category's CI Class, that do not have an asset linked, and then create assets for them.
  • These are not duplicate assets, but are assets for other CIs with the same Model Category (not just the same Model), that were missing their linked Asset at the time. Those other CIs were in effect bad data, because they should have had an asset linked according to the current Model Categories and Models settings.

The update to the Model record may also not have been deliberate, but perhaps due to a CI update that triggered the "Update model category" business rule. This could happen when a Model is linked to a CI which had previously not been used with this Class of CI. The Model gets updated with that extra Model Category for the new class.


This is the expected behaviour given how your Models and Model Categories are set up. If you don't want this to happen in this situation, then please review your individual (Hardware) Models to see if auto asset creation is desired. If not, configure the affected Model's Asset tracking strategy field as desired by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the Product Catalog -> Models (cmdb_model) table and open the model record.
  2. Change the Asset tracking strategy field in the General section to 'Don't create asset' (or 'Leave to category' if you do want assets for all CIs of this model)
  3. Consult the Documentation for further information on Model record fields and Asset and CI Management in general.

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Last Updated:2019-10-03 06:36:17