Some records take a very long time to load relative to other records in the same system.


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This is often caused by many-to-many relationships across multiple tables. These relationships will incur additional queries on multiple tables that might contain a huge amount of data.

Extending tables and creating new many-to-many relationships will add a significant amount of complexity to those corresponding queries. In turn, this will directly affect performance.


  • Performance degradation is to be expected when you have several many-to-many relationships via extended tables. Consider whether having these many-to-many relationships is really necessary.

  • Change your user preferences regarding when related lists are loaded. If you open the user preferences menu and go to the Forms section, you can choose to have related lists load after the form loads, or on-demand by clicking a Load Related Lists button. This will improve performance when opening Business Service records because all of your many-to-many relationships will not be loaded when opening the record.

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