The system property mid.discovery.max_payload_size in Discovery limits the payload size, when set to -1 there is no size restriction, causing a division by zero in certain circumstances. 

When working with patterns, the input size is 0, so no items return. Despite this we try to split the payload, so we get the exception on the Mid Server:

java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Set the property mid.discovery.max_payload_size = -1
  2. Run Discovery

    Observe the error message:

    Sensor error when processing Horizontal Pattern: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot deserialize objectundefined (sys_script_include.778011130a0a0b2500c4595ad1d1d768.script; line 33)



This problem is fixed since the London release. On earlier instances the workaround below can be applied:

  1. Delete the mid property mid.discovery.max_payload_size or increase its value
  2. Restart the Mid Servers configured with Discovery
  3. Re-run Discovery

Related Problem: PRB1239923

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