Exact search is not working with New global search (Jakarta release onwards) when the searched record number does not comply with the number prefix defined in sys_number table. This used to work in the Legacy global search.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log on to any out of the box Jakarta instance
  2. Navigate to change_request.list
  3. Open any change record, for example CHG0000004
  4. Modify the change number from CHG0000004 to ECR0000004 and save the record
  5. Search for ECR0000004 in global search
  6. User is presented with search results page $sn_global_search_results.do


  • If we setup a prefix in sys_number table for ECR, then above search works. In some scenarios, the customer wants to have many prefixes for the same table and in that case, there cannot have more than one prefix in sys_number table.
  • Exact search used to work as expected in legacy global search


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