This layout choice does not render correctly for Homepages but works fine for Performance Analytics Dashboards. This issue is observed since the Kingston release.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Login a Kingston instance
2. Create a new homepage or open an existing homepage
3. Change the layout to "Layout for premium overview pages" and click 'Change'

No reports render on the homepage. The following error appears:
"Unable to find table: homepage_grid".


This is expected behaviour. The "homepage_grid" table name mentioned in the error does not belong to the home page system, nor to the dashboards system. The homepage layout "Layout for premium overview pages" does not use that table name and does not load any data.

Change the layout of the homepage to one that renders and works correctly. If you are unable to modify the layout of that homepage, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to sys_portal_page table and find the homepage that is having issues
  2. Ensuring that the layout column exist on the list, double-click on the reference field which is currently set to "layout_overview_premium"
  3. Change the value to one of your choosing. E.G. "layout_3_across_catalog"

Related Problem: PRB1280438

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