After specifying the page property value "sc_category" for the instance of the standard SC Categories widget it gives an HTTP 404 error when you select an item in the widget. The page that it tries to display has an invalid URL. The id argument of the URL is not "sc_category" as expected. The id argument is the sys_id of the page "sc_category" instead of the "sc_category".

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate through Service Catalog using Service Portal through sp?id=sc_home
  2. Ctrl + Right-click on the SC Categories widget and select menu item "Instance Options"
  3. Select the page option to be "sc_category" and save the instance options
  4. Refresh the page
  5. Click on any of the categories and notice that the 404 page is shown and the URL looks like:
    • sp?id=07261a2147132100ba13a5554ee49092&sys_id=95fc11615f1211001c9b2572f2b477c6


Remove the page sc_category from the Instance Option page will solve the issue.

Related Problem: PRB1279944

Seen In

Kingston Patch 5

Fixed In


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