When a list header search box is opened, hovering over the reference icon on approval list (v2) causes infinite calls, and the list to flicker.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login a Jakarta instance
2. Ensure List v2 is used and list header search box is opened
3. Navigate to sysapproval_approver.list
4. Hover over the reference icon in the list header corner

The reference popup window opens and closes continuously, and the list header search box cell is resized. This goes on in a infinite loop and causes the list to appear like flickering.


The behaviour has been changed in Kingston, as the pop will be displayed on-click and not on-hover.


In case an upgrade is not possible yet, the workaround consists in adding the following style on the approval_summarizer UI Macro:


<style type="text/css"> 

HTML[data-doctype=true] input.form-control-search { 

margin-bottom: 0px !important; 



Related Problem: PRB1242269

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