[List V3] sys_relationship records that contain a "Query with" script do not apply the query correctly in List V3.

Steps to Reproduce


Make sure that List v3 is enabled.

1. Import the attached sys_relationship record.
2. Ensure related lists are set to "off" so that List v2 is used for related lists.
2. Navigate to sc_req_item "RITM0000001".
3. Configure Related Lists > add the "TEST V3 RL" list and Save.
4. Observe the related list returns 1 record that matches the Query with script in the "TEST V3 RL" sys_relationship record.
5. Switch related lists to be "List v3 Enabled".
6. Navigate back to the record and observe the related list again.

Actual: The tab shows "(138)" records, which is consistent with a query on the alm_hardware table where the "assigned_to" field is empty, but no records show in the list
Expected: In List v2 1 record is returned where the assigned_to field is "System Administrator" or whatever value is on "Requested for" on the RITM.


Use List v2.

Related Problem: PRB1279745

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