When trying to update variables in variable editor through a catalog task, the changes are not saved..

Most Probable Cause

There can be one of the two possibilities (or sometimes both) and both focuses on how your "sc_task" table's form layout is configured:

  • The form layout might have been configured to display the variable editor twice.
  • Or, you have a dot-walked field pulled up with name "Variables" and it will show in the form layout something like: "Requested Item.Variables"

As the variable is not being updated in both places, the value reverts to the original value.

What's The Fix?

It's pretty straightforward:

1. Open a catalog task .
2. Open the context menu on the form header: Configure > Form Layout 
3. Locate the section with the duplicate variable editor or the dot-walked field.
4. Select the component on the right slush-bucket and move it to left side.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:13:12