Running the guided tour on a personalized list throws the error message:

"Tour ended because the next step was not found".

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Login a Kingston or earlier instance
2 - Make sure List V2 is active (List V3 disabled)
3 - Create a guided tour for any list (i.e. task.list)
4 - Add annotations for any item on the list (i.e. the reference icon)
5 - Add annotations for the "Personalize List Column" gear icon on the top left
6 - Exit the tour
7 - Go to the task list by entering task.list in the filter navigator
8 - If the list is not already personalized, showing a blue dot on the side of the gear icon, personalize the list view by adding or removing columns.
9 - Try running the "Guided tour" you just created. You will see the error message "Tour ended because the next step was not found". The created guided tour for the personalized list will not work.


This issue is fixed in an upcoming release. Please Subscribe to this article to be notified when the upgrade will be available.


Related Problem: PRB1238560

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