'Reverse if false' is not getting checked upon save of Catalog UI Policies  | If checked, reverts to unchecked upon Save.


If a catalog UI policy is checked = true for 'Reverse if false', upon saving the form the checked mark is removed.


The Catalog UI Policy form will have 2 variables with same name and value - 'Reverse if false'

One would be on the main form area, and the other 'Reverse if false' would be in the 'When to Apply' section.

Both are identical variables, so the one from the main form area can be removed.

Applicable Versions

Any instance which has been upgraded from Helsinki to higher version.


Prior to Istanbul, the 'Reverse if false' was placed in the main form area.

Therefore customers who have upgraded, might see 2 'Reverse if false', and the transactions on this variable might not be captured properly.

Also it can be found that, the 'Reverse if false' on the main form area cannot be edited. However the 'Reverse if false' in the 'When to Apply' section can be edited.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:13:14