How to increase sp_log from default 90 days | sp_log saves portal logs for only 90 days/3 months.


Service Portal Log Entries table (sp_log) to store data for more than 90 days.


Customers might want to have logs for more than 90 days for reporting purposes.

The days in stored as seconds within the system.

To change the seconds, first you need to convert the days to seconds.

However, with continuous usage of the portal, the log would keep on increasing and adversely affect the affect the insstance performance.

This property can be changed by following the steps mentioned.

  1. Navigate to 'System Maintenance' -> 'Table Cleanup'
  2. Search for a rule with tablename 'sp_log' and open the record
  3. Change 'Age in seconds' to '31536000' (365 days in seconds)
  4. Save/submit the record.

    The OOB property is set to 7,776,000 secs = 90 days.

However this would have significant performance issue if the days is increased from 90 days.

Applicable Versions

All versions using Service Portal

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Last Updated:2018-05-17 07:25:59