"Resolve DNS Name" Orchestration Activity fails in the multi-domain environment because of wrong MID server selection.

Fault Description: Unable to find any capability matchable to the requested Capability: (Capability: PowerShell, value: null)



All Versions. 


The problem is because of the way how the MID server is selected for Orchestration activities.

Orchestration should use the default MID Server if it cannot find a MID Server with the correct IP range and capability.

In multi-domain (Domain separation), this selection criterion is not honored and it always looks for "Default MID Server" for Orchestration application. 



1. You have to set "Default MID server" for Orchestration application for this to work.


2. As a temporary workaround, create a copy of the "Resolve DNS Name" activity and on its properties, leave the 'Target host' empty and the activity would succeed.


Note: There is a problem: PRB1267529 for this.

Please raise an Incident if the solution doesn't work.


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