While Discovering HP-UX servers, the probes to capture the data of "CPU Speed" and "Total Memory" were not capturing the required details.



Jakarta & Kingston 



HP-UX 11 



This is because some of the commands in the HP-UX OS has been depreciated, our probes use the command "'memory_installed_in_machine/D' | adb -k /stand/vmunix /dev/mem | tail -1" to gather the Memory information, and the extensions adb in the command is depreciated, example as below.


root # echo 'memory_installed_in_machine/D' | adb -k /stand/vmunix /dev/mem | tail -1

adb: info: Option -k is deprecated.
adb: warning: Trouble reading version string from memory file ...
adb: warning: Object file and memory file may not be matched.
adb: warning: Could not complete object file specific initializtions ...
adb: warning: Proceeding anyway; But some commands may fail.
adb: warning: Unrecognized format character - 'D'.



Use "machinfo |grep -i Memory" command instead of "memory_installed_in_machine/D' | adb -k /stand/vmunix /dev/mem | tail -1"

Sample Output when executing "machinfo":

CPU info:
Intel(R) Itanium 2 9000 series processor (1.59 GHz, 18 MB)
2 cores, 2 logical processors per socket
532 MT/s bus, CPU version C2
Active processor count:
1 socket
2 cores (2 per socket)

Memory: 8171 MB (7.98 GB)

Firmware info:
Firmware revision: 01.05
FP SWA driver revision: 1.18
IPMI is supported on this system.
BMC firmware revision: 5.06

Platform info:
Model: "ia64 hp server rx2660"
Machine ID number: ee6ab9e2-2ad6-11dc-a693-2fab98a34215
Machine serial number: USE4723KCF

OS info:
Nodename: itanic
Release: HP-UX B.11.31
Version: U (unlimited-user license)
Machine: ia64
ID Number: 3999971810
vmunix _release_version:
@(#) $Revision: vmunix: B.11.31_LR FLAVOR=perf

Location of the command

# which machinfo

Additional Information

Existing PRB : PRB717538  

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