Users experience slowness directly after login, sometimes this is expressed as being seen on the homepage or overall instance. 

This can vary from 5-10 seconds of delay all the way to one or two minutes. 

If multiple users are impacted it will most likely impact them all differently because of the difference in the number of records. 


The user has a large number of Connect Chat conversations which we are loading via the /conversations AP This API is triggered anytime the user loads up the nav frame.


To not load those conversations you need to edit the live_group_member records for that user. Set the State field to Inactive, and the Visible field to false. 

NOTE: If the user needs some of their Connect conversations to stay active and visible, then you will need to find a way to limit them before setting the visibility and state. 

Additional Information 

We have logged a Problem for this causing overall slowness and not limiting the query by default. PRB1274858

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Last Updated:2018-06-01 00:52:36