Multiple error messages showing up when mandatory fields are not filled. When on a form more than one fields are mandatory and none of them are filled, it throws an error stating that following fields are not filled.

If user try to submit the form after filling up one of those fields, it throws another error message but the previous error message(s) still remain, does disappear automatically.


Starting with Kingston release.


There is a functionality change in OOB instance from Kingston. 

In the previous versions, if there is a mandatory field which is not filled, it used to throw an error message and disappear within 10 sec.

In case of a long form, with plenty of mandatory fields, it may leads the users to confusion as within 10 sec of short span they will not be able to note down which all fields are not filled. Sometimes user may overlook the error message as it disappears within fraction of second.



Starting with Kingston release, the error message remains on the form unless it is closed manually by clicking on the "cross(X)" symbol on the right top corner of the form.

Additional Information

As the error message remains on the form along with a note of all mandatory fields which are not filled up, it will be easy for the user to find out specific fields on the form and fill it up instead of filling one by one and getting multiple error message.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:13:19
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