After creating a view rule, some users who can change their view are not effected by the rule. 


View rules will not override a user preference for a view other than the default view and are not triggered unless the user is going to the default view. 

For example, if you are forcing a view called 'new view' with a view rule, when switching to another view 'self-service' the view will end up as self-service because a new preference will be created and used, but if you are switching to the default view then your view will be 'new view' because the view rule was triggered. 


To temporarily revert the user to the default view and therefore whichever view the rule forces, you can remove user preferences for that view in sys_user preference. These will look like <table_name>.view or <table_name>_list.view

Also if you want to completely disable user preferences for views you can set the glide.ui.remember_view property to false. 


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:13:20