The form view of a record that contains a workflow stage field may fail to load completely when the the following conditions are met:

1) Multiple parent workflow contexts attached (wf_context.parent field is empty)
2) At least one of those contexts has a stage_state that is empty
3) At least one of those contexts use the "Main flow" or "Simple Progress Bar" renderer

In that situation, a NullPointerException will be seen in the node log, and the form view will be incomplete and the page will not work correctly. 

If the workflow stage field is removed from the form view, the form will work correctly.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Go into Item Designer and create a new Item "test".  Add a single approval and a single task to the item. Publish it
2. Order your new "test" item. Three workflow contexts will be started for the resulting RITM record.
3. Go to the wf_context list view and filter to Related Record = the RITM you just ordered.
4. Add the parent workflow and stage state fields to the list view.
5. Find the wf_context for the flow "Item Designer - generate approvals for current sequence".  Copy its sys_id and paste into the script below. Run that script from Scripts-Background
6.  confirm that you now have at least 2 wf_context records for your RITM that have no parent contexts, and the last updated of those 2 has an empty stage_state.
7. Try to load the RITM form. It will stop loading when it hits the Stage field


For a permanent fix, review the Fixed In and Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or implemented fix.

Current Workaround:

On the context record that has the empty stage_state filed, set the stage_state to [].

For requested items that no longer have context, hide the stage field from the form layout. 

Related Problem: PRB1241205

Seen In

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 10
Kingston Patch 7

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