Is it possible to configure a confirmation or a popup in Connect chat when user selects "End Chat" to close the chat conversation?


No confirmation pop-up for "End Chat" button in the connect support chat window. 
- In Connect Support, when chat agent wants to end a chat conversation with a user, there are 2 options to do it.
- If we use 'End Session' from the menu list, there is a confirmation pop up. This same confirmation is not seen when we click on the 'End Session' button. 




The behavior is expected. 
The reason there is no confirmation popup is END button next to an input field is obvious action while the one in the hamburger menu is not.
Then End Chat/Session button is an obvious action and doesn't require a reconfirmation, as it is out there in bold red, whereas that is not the case for the "End session" option available in the hamburger icon and hence the attached re-confirmation for the same. 


Applicable Versions

All ServiceNow release that uses Connect Chat.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:13:22