Choose options hang after filling in cascaded variables in an order guide. The expected reference qualifier is not applied, because the value for the lookup select box is evaluated before applying the cascade-variables.

Being the recipient variable value cascaded from the Describe Needs page to the item, the initial evaluation of the choice list for the Choose_your_computer [lookupselectbox] variable is evaluated without the reference qualifier, so the whole table gets queried.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Impersonate an end user in a pre-Kingston instance.

  2. Change the Global view to your specific view.

    The Homepage then changes to the specific user/roles view.

    Four options are presented on the page:

    • 1:Order Services
    • 2:My Requests
    • 3:My Services
    • 4:My Invoices
  3. Select 1:Order Services and Order Software.

  4. Create an Order.

    Note that clicking on CHOOSE OPTION does not work.

    The following Logs example shows that the whole table is queried.

    WARNING *** WARNING *** Large Table: Table handling an extremely large result set: 217074

    This results from the query TABLENAME = cmdb_ci_computer ENCODED_QUERY = name!=^ORDERBYname.

    The same behavior is seen when going through Order Guides. 



For a permanent fix, please upgrade to Kingston or later, where this problem is resolved.
As a temporary workaround, add "Include None = true" for the "Choose your ..." variable. The "initialValue" of the variable will then always be "empty" and will not result in a full table scan before applying the cascade variables.

Related Problem: PRB1183133

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