How to configure the list layout for a reference field


This article describe how to configure a list layout for a reference list pop-up view. This example uses the Caller field on the Incident table.


  1. Navigate to System UI > Views.

  2. Search for name = sys_ref_list and open the record.

  3. Click the Lists related list.

  4. Search for the table for which you want to change the view and open the record.

    This is the table you are referencing.

    Once you open the record, you will see a related list called List Elements. This related list shows the columns that will be displayed on the pop-up view for the reference field.

  5. Modify the List layout by either deleting columns or adding new ones by clicking New

    If you are creating a new column, you can use the same format as one of the other columns on the view. For example:

    • Element: column name
    • Position: Position you want this column to be in relation to the rest
    • List ID: Table

Applicable Versions

All supported versions.


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