When an Email Notification uses a v1 template and a layout that includes variables (e.g. ${NOTIF_UNSUB} & ${NOTIF_PREFS}) then the email will show the variables as literal text instead of them being interpreted.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to System Notification > Email > Notifications
  2. Open a new notification to use for the test
  3. Go to the tab "What it will contain"
  4. Set the "Email template" field to use a v1 Template (an OOTB example is incident.ess.role)
  5. Save the Notification
  6. Open the Template that selected
  7. Set the "Email layout" field to a layout that includes ${NOTIF_UNSUB} variable (an OOTB example is "Demo Layout - Light")
  8. Save the Template
  9. Preview or trigger the Notification, and note that the ${NOTIF_UNSUB} is literal and not substituted


  1. Open the Notification Template
  2. Click the ui action Switch to Rich HTML Editor. This will upgrade the template to v2
  3. Save the Template

Related Problem: PRB723473

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