Although OMi Connector Test and event collector are successful, new events are not created in the em_event table. In logs, new events are detected, for example:

05/08/18 17:54:14 (934) Worker-Interactive:ConnectorProbe *** Script: *** QUERY NEW EVENTS RETURNED : 2457

05/08/18 17:54:15 (153) Worker-Interactive:ConnectorProbe *** Script: *** SNow EVENTS CREATED : 0

However, in the OMiJS MID script include, if debugging for the function createSNEvents is enabled, the following messages appear:

05/08/18 17:54:14 (934) Worker-Interactive:ConnectorProbe *** Script: OLD EVENT FILTERING: 2018-05-07T14:07:56.1+10:00 --- 2018-05-07 04:07:56 --- 1525666076001 --- LAST:1525701593477

05/08/18 17:54:14 (934) Worker-Interactive:ConnectorProbe *** Script: OLD EVENT FILTERING: 2018-05-07T14:08:04.777+10:00 --- NaN-NaN-NaN NaN:NaN:NaN --- NaN --- LAST:1525701593477

The cause is that on the OMi connector, the parseDate() function does not support dates for the 08 and 09 of each month.



Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create an OMi connector.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Configure event collection from HP OMi.

  2. Test the connector.

    Note that the test is working but no event is created.



  • If you can upgrade, check the Intended Fix Version and Fixed In fields to see whether any versions have or are planned to have a permanent fix.

  • If you cannot upgrade, modify the MID server script include OMiJS by changing line 444 from: 

    var year = parseInt(m[1]); 
    var month = parseInt(m[2]); 
    var day = parseInt(m[3]); 
    var hour = parseInt(m[4]); 
    var minute = parseInt(m[5]); 
    var second = parseInt(m[6]); 
    var msec = parseInt(m[9]);


    var year = parseInt(m[1],10); 
    var month = parseInt(m[2],10); 
    var day = parseInt(m[3],10); 
    var hour = parseInt(m[4],10); 
    var minute = parseInt(m[5],10); 
    var second = parseInt(m[6],10); 
    var msec = parseInt(m[9],10); 

Related Problem: PRB1277927

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Jakarta Patch 10
Kingston Patch 7

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