Domain Separation on Service Portal 


This article describes domain separation on Service Portal from architectural and technical perspective. 


Domain Separation is not supported in Service Portal as listed in Unsupported features in Service Portal

There is no support for domain separation built in to service portal. This means that you cannot administer Portals, Pages, Widgets, configurations, etc on a per domain basis.

From a technical stand point, any table with Domain [sys_domain] column will be domain separated.

None of the out-of-box Service Portal tables such as Portals [sp_portal], Pages [sp_page] etc, currently have this field and thus not supported.

However, Service Portal does support it from Data only perspective. As per Application Support for domain separation

Service Portal Domain

The underlying architecture for domain separation remains in place so data on domain separated tables will be domain separated in the portal. All the data displayed on Service Portal should honor out-of-box sys_domain field which exists on domain separated tables such as Incidents, or Tasks, etc.

For example, if a user opens a list of incidents in the portal, that list will still be restricted by domain visibility exactly as it would in the platform.

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