Connect chat conversations do not work across domains, causing data access and duplication issues. Users from lower domains may still display correctly.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Install Domain separation on a pre-Jakarta instance.
2. Create a user in the MSP domain (msp.itil), and users in different domains.
3. As an MSP user, send a message to a user in another domain (acme.employee). Notice the message is received from the intended user.
4. Attempt to send a message as acme.employee back to the MSP user. Notice the message is not received.
5. Attempt to close the conversation as acme.employee. Notice on refresh the conversation is still there.
The symptoms of this issue are many and varied. Connect should behave cross-domain the same way it does when domain separation is not activated. If a user can see another user in Connect, they expect conversations to work across them, even if acme.employee can not view msp.itil to initiate the conversation.


This issue has been fixed in Jakarta and onwards. An upgrade is necessary on affected domain separated instances.


Related Problem: PRB721313

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Helsinki Patch 2

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