This article describes how to display fields other than the default fields on the workflow editor Welcome page.

Note the following information:

  • The Workflow Editor Welcome page displays data from wf_workflow_version table and NOT the wf_workflow table. To verify, right-click on a column name and choose Configure > Dictionary.

  • The wf_workflow_version table can be accessed separately to check the available fields.

  • Choose Configure > List layout to check which other tables are available to dot-walk to display fields from those tables.


  1. Navigate to System UI > Lists.

  2. Set the filter Table = wf_workflow_version AND View = Workflow Welcome.

  3. Click New to add a new list element with the following values:

    • Element: Your desired field name, for example, checked_out or workflow.sys_updated_by. (See the note in the previous section regarding tables available for dot-walking.)

    • Position: Desired position of the field on the list view.

  4. Click Submit.

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