Visual Task Boards ignore Query Business Rules

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to any out of the box instance
  2. Create a Query Business Rule on a given table, for instance Demand [dmn_demand] that restricts the visibility to the records submitted by a user only. //SCRIPT//
    (function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) { 

    if (gs.isInteractive()) { 
    var u = gs.getUserID(); 
    var qc = current.addQuery("submitter", u); 
    gs.print("query restricted to user: " + u); 

    })(current, previous); 
  3. Impersonate an itil user 
  4. Create a new Demand 
  5. Navigate to the list of Demands, note how only the Demands submitted by this user are visible
  6. From the list of Demands, create a Visual Task Board Demand by State by right-clicking on the State field and selecting Show Visual Task Board

Note that you can see all Demands in the Visual Task Board, not only the ones submitted by the user. 


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Seen In

Jakarta Patch 9 Hot Fix 4
SR - IRM - Audit Management - New York 2019 Q3
SR - IRM - GRC Profiles - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - IRM - Policy and Compliance - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - IRM - Risk Management - New York 2019 Q3

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New York

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