When the options "Disable commenting" and "Disable suggesting" options are set on a Knowledge Base form (Knowledge --> Administration --> Knowledge Bases) and the Save or Update buttons are used, all knowledge articles in the knowledge base have their article level values of disable_commenting and disable_suggesting set to the correct value because the Save/Update UI Actions have code to perform this operation. However, when these options are set in list view, the article fields of disable_commenting and disable_suggesting are not set. This behavior is inconsistent with the form.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Knowledge -> Administration ->Knowledge Bases.

  2. Add the "Disable commenting" (and/or "Disable suggesting") column to the view.

  3. In this list view, change the value of "Disable commenting" to false for a specific knowledge base or all knowledge bases.

    Note that commenting is still enabled on the articles in the knowledge base where the "Disable commenting" value was set to false. To verify, go to kb_knowledge.list, filtering for the knowledge base where this option was applied and add the "Disable commenting"/"Disabled suggesting" columns to the form.

    Note that when you set this option in the knowledge base form, all of the articles should have their disable_commenting and disable_suggesting values set to whatever option was chosen upon Save/Update.


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Related Problem: PRB1113253

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 8

Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 10

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