Using report's functionalities such as clicking on "Create a report" or opening any existing report link from the View / Run page do not lead to it opening any expected pages


All releases


The module link in which the page (View / Run) was opened does not match the instance's name (i.e. link is to be opened in dev instance but the module link is pointing to production). This is likely caused by the target instance having been cloned from the source instance so the module link (in some cases saved as favorite) still has link that is pointing to the source instance.


Change the module link so that it matches with the target instance (i.e. if module link is change it to

Additional Information

This does not only apply to report specifically but for any pages within the platform as well. Make sure that all module links within the current instance do not point to instances outside of it.

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Last Updated:2018-07-19 14:22:54