Changes to a scoped application can create bogus records in sys_embedded_help_content table

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a new scoped app (say Coffee App 1).
2. Import the attached sysauto_script, Note - same auto script has been used in PRB1271017
3. Make sure the current application scope is global. Wait for a minute.
4. Change the current application scope to Coffee App 1. Wait for a minute
5. Navigate to sys_embedded_help_content table, add Application to the list view.
6. Notice, some records have Application as global, some other have application as Coffee App 1.
7. Navigate to studio, select Coffee App 1. Embedded help records are reflected over there as well. See screenshot

Expected: Reecords created by scheduled jobs should not have their scope as the current scope from the App Picker.


- On each instance where this issue is present and there are offensive records when going to a link similar to the one below: 
- Access the above list and make sure that the Application and ServiceNow Help (snc_created) fields are on the list view 
- Then group the list by Application field and switch to each of the application scope by selecting the Application in the Application picker
- Now in the list, set the  ServiceNow Help (snc_created) fields value to False. You may perform a multiple list edit to perform this function
- Repeat the previous 2 steps for each of the Applications in the Embedded list
- Finally, select these records from the list view and click on the Action on Selected Rows option from the list and pick 'DELETE' to delete these records. 

Related Problem: PRB1271021

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