Users with the survey_reader role are not able to view responses of assessments because the assessment_take_2 UI Page requires  the survey_admin role.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Impersonate a user that has the survey_reader role but not the survey_admin role.

  2. Navigate to Survey Instances > Completed.

  3. This will show you all the survey instances that are in complete state.

  4. Open any record here.

  5. Click on the View User's Response related link.

    A new dialog will open and will be blank rather than displaying the user's survey response.




For a permanent fix, review the Fixed In and Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or implemented fix.

For the current workaround, modify the assessment_take_2 UI Page to grant access to the survey_reader role.

Change line #96 from:

if (jelly.sysparm_isSurveyCreator == 'yes' || (jelly.jvar_isReaderView == 'true' ${AND} gs.hasRole('survey_admin')))


if (jelly.sysparm_isSurveyCreator == 'yes' || (jelly.jvar_isReaderView == 'true' ${AND} (gs.hasRole('survey_admin') || gs.hasRole('survey_reader'))))

Related Problem: PRB1241026

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Fixed In

Kingston Patch 6

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