Error Loading the WSDL.

Example WSDL URL: https://empmgupta01.service-now.com/incident.do?WSDL


1) Open the above URL in the Browser. You will see the Message:  User Not Authorized



2) Try Loading the WSDL in the SOAP UI. You will see the Error loading WSDL with the following message:




This issue can be observed when the Basic Authentication has been turned off for WSDL Web Services. Out of the Box, all the WSDL request requires authentication when a user tries to open the WSDL (when the user is not aleady logged in the instance). See the screenshot below:






Set the system property glide.basicauth.required.wsdl  to true.

Additional Information

You will see the following message in the logs when reproducing the issue:


2018-04-26 14:02:20 (513) Default-thread-11 4D877810137993007A22DD828144B0F9 *** End #20914 /api/now/ui/date_time/legacy, user: guest, total time: 0:00:00.010, processing time: 0:00:00.010, SQL time: 0:00:00.001 (count: 2) , type:rest, method:GET, api_name:now/ui, resource:now/ui/date_time/legacy, version:Default, user_id:5136503cc611227c0183e96598c4f706, response_status:200 
2018-04-26 14:10:35 (263) http-20 New transaction 4D877810137993007A22DD828144B0F9 #20938 /incident.do
2018-04-26 14:10:35 (270) API_INT-thread-3 4D877810137993007A22DD828144B0F9 Security restrictions on WSDLProcessor
2018-04-26 14:10:35 (271) API_INT-thread-3 4D877810137993007A22DD828144B0F9 *** End #20938 /incident.do, user: guest, total time: 0:00:00.000, processing time: 0:00:00.000, SQL time: 0:00:00.000 (count: 3)

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