When you change the logo associated to the standard block "HR Header Block," the new image is not visible to non-admin users.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. As a System Administrator, activate Human Resources Application: Core [com.snc.hr.core].

    Demo data is not needed.

  2. As a System Administrator, activate Human Resources Application: Core [com.snc.hr.core].

    Demo data is not needed.

  3. Navigate to Content Management > Blocks > Open Headers.

  4. Open the "HR Header Block" record.

  5. Click the "Click to add" link for the Logo.

  6. Upload an image.

  7. Navigate to the HR CMS portal at http://instance_name.service-now.com/hr.

  8. Verify that the image is displayed in the header.

  9. Impersonate Beth Anglin and clear the browser cache.

  10. Navigate to the HRM CMS portal at at http://instance_name.service-now.com/hr.

    Notice that the image is not properly displayed. Instead a "broken link" image is shown.

    Also notice in the browser console that there is a 403 Forbidden error retrieving the .iix file representing the image.




  1. As a System Administrator, type sys_security_restricted_list.list in the navigation search.

  2. Create a new record with the following values:

    • Active: Checked
    • List context: image_restricted_table_pattern
    • Value: ZZ_YYcontent_block_open_header
    • List type: whitelist
  3. Save the record.

    The header logo image should now be displayed for all users.



Related Problem: PRB1273176

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 11
Kingston Patch 3a

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