In sys_documentation, you can override a parent table's values for child tables. For example, you can set a different Label for cmdb_ci_hardware.install_status than you have for cmdb.install_status. However, changing any documentation values for any of the parent copies of the field -- for example, by changing the label for cmdb.install_status -- will overwrite any customizations made in the child tables.

This problem also happens to customized documentation values during upgrade from product versions prior to Jakarta.

Similar changes can also be made to Hint, Help, and URL documentation.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to sys_documentation for cmdb_ci_hardware.install_status.

  2. Change the label, for example, to Hardware Status.

  3. Navigate to the form for a hardware record and ensure that install_status is a displayed field.

  4. Verify that the field label displays Hardware Status.

  5. Go back to sys_documentation for cmdb.install_status and change the label, for example, to Install Status.

  6. Go back to the form for a hardware record and verify that the Hardware Status label is lost, and is now Install Status like all other cmdb classes.




There is no actual workaround for this issue. You must reapply the customizations.

Related Problem: PRB1271291

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 6

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