The timings and percentages on the Task SLA records are not calculated and updated on a continuous basis because it can impact performance. The SLA Engine takes a “just-in-time” approach to calculate and update these values, as needed.

These values are updated in the following scenarios:

  • When an update to the Task record results in a change of stage on the Task SLA record, for example, from Paused to In Progress or from In Progress to Completed.
  • When one of the base system SLA Update scheduled jobs run.
    Note: Paused task SLAs are excluded as there is no time elapsing for these records.
    These jobs run more frequently when the Task SLA gets closer to its breach time. For more information, see Scheduled jobs for SLA in the product documentation
  • If the system property glide.sla.calculate_on_display is set to true and the Task SLA record is viewed.

Fuji and earlier releases:

  1. In the Application Navigator, type sys_properties.list in the Filter navigator text box and press enter or return on your keyboard.
  2. Search for the property glide.sla.calculate_on_display. 


  1. Navigate to Service Level Management > Properties > SLA Engine.
  2. Check for the property Recalculate Task SLA records when a task's form is displayed (ensures current Task SLA calculations when viewing a task, may increase form load time)

Helsinki and later releases:

  1. Navigate to Service Level Management > Properties > SLA Engine.
  2. Check for the property Refresh Task SLAs when a Task form is displayed

Note: When this property is enabled, the Task SLA calculations are refreshed as the form is loading.

  • When a user manually initiates the Refresh action on the Task SLA record.

Note: In Fuji and earlier releases, this UI action was named Run SLA Calculation.

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