How to Troubleshoot Failing Widgets in Service Portal | Service Catalog items like sc_cat_item, sc_cat_item_producer, sc_cat_item_guide


This article will help you troubleshoot in Service Portal whenever you receive a "Failing Widget" error when you are trying to view a Catalog Item, Catalog Record Producer, or Order Guide. When you see this error, more likely than not the issue is not with widget, but rather with the record you are trying to load on the page. The issue is most likely with a variable, variable set, script, UI policy, or item included in the Rule Base (if an Order Guide) for the record you are trying to view on the page.



  1. Navigate to the record of the sc_cat_item you are having difficulty viewing in the Fulfiller UI and click the Copy button in the form header.

  2. Navigate to the copy of the item in Service Portal to validate that you still get the error message.

  3. Right-click anywhere on the form and choose Inspect, then navigate to the Console tab to check the wording of the error message to see whether it gives you clues to where the error is coming from.

  4. Return to the item record in the Fulfiller view and go to the Catalog UI Policies related list.

  5. If any records are listed, set them to "Active = False" and see whether the test item loads in Service Portal.

  6. If the issue still occurs, go to the Catalog Client Scripts related list and test again.

    If the issue stops occurring when you deactivate the scripts or the UI policies, you know the issue is coming from one of them.

  7. Set the scripts and UI policies back to "Active = true" one by one and test after each to determine which one is causing the error.

  8. If the issue still occurs with all of these records set to "Active = false", start removing variable sets from the Variable Set related list.

  9. Click the Edit button in the Variable Set related list and take a screenshot for later reference.

  10. Remove the variable sets individually, testing after each removal to see whether the issue goes away when the variable sets are not on the item.

  11. If the issue persists, then follow the same steps with the Variable related list.

  12. For order guides, if the issue still persists take a screenshot of the items included in the Rule Base related list.

  13. Remove the rule bases individually, testing after each removal to see whether the error goes away after the item is removed.

  14. Once you have determined where the error is coming from, you can move forward with debugging that particular variable, variable set, script, UI policy, or item included in the Rule Base related list (if an Order Guide).

    These areas are typically where this error comes from.

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