ATF fails to click UI Actions with these attributes:

Beginning with Jakarta:

  • Action name is defined
  • Client = true
  • Form Link = true
  • Instead of executing the client function, ATF submits the form.

Beginning with Istanbul:

  • Client = true
  • Form Context Menu = true
  • ATF is unable to identify these UI Actions.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create an ATF Test.

  2. Add an Open existing record step, set the table to incident, and choose any incident from zboot or create a new one and refer to that incident in open state.

  3. Add a Click a UI Action step, set its UI action to Repair SLAs (client = true, form link = true, has a defined Action name).

  4. Run the test.

    Actual result: Client test runner opens the form to incident, then leaves form via g_form.submit('sla_repair');

    You can reproduce this by being on an incident record form, opening the console, setting the frame to gsft_main, and running g_form.submit('sla_repair');.

    Expected result: Modal pop-up appears asking to confirm starting the repair process.




Context menu UI Actions must also be available as Form buttons.

Related Problem: PRB1236512

Seen In

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 6

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